Brunswick Mini Cup Car rules…

Mini Cup Car Rules                                          Brunswick Speedway

-All drivers must be approved by track official.

-All drivers are responsible for their actions and that of their crew members.

-Assumption of risk: Racing is a dangerous sport that can result in serious injury or death. Participation in all aspects of the sport is strictly voluntary. Responsibility for safety lies with the participants, whether car owner, driver or crew member, and acknowledge they may suffer bodily injury or death, or loss or damage to property.  All participants must further acknowledge that they voluntarily assume the risk of bodily injury or loss or damage to property and waive any claims for bodily injury or death or loss or damage to property against Brunswick Speedway, its parent companies, employees, event officials, sponsors, racetrack and other participants; discharges such persons and entities from responsibility for such losses; and covenants not to sue such persons and entities for bodily injury or death or loss or damage to property.

Safety equipment-Driver is responsible for compliance of all safety rules.

Regardless of equipment, or approval in a prior inspection, compliance with all safety rules is mandatory for all cars and an inspection can be repeated at any time.

-No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from the technical inspection or approval .

- SEAT- All cars must be fitted with a seat that fits the driver’s physical characteristics. No homemade seats. All seats must be securely mounted in the center line of the vehicle.  Seats must be mounted using grade 8 fasteners.

-Safety Harness- All belts and harnesses must be of the five (SJ-point type). Have a minimum SFI rating of 16.1. Be at least two (2)inches wide. Three (3) inches wide is recommended.  Be dated by the manufacturer and no more than 3 years old.  A quick-release seat lap belt is required.  Both ends of the lap belt must be fastened to the roll cage with grade 8 bolts and not less than 3/8 inch in diameter.

-Head Restraint- A head restraint system designed specifically for auto racing is mandatory for all drivers.  A neck collar is recommended.  No driver shall compete in any event with head or arm extended outside of the car opening. All drivers must wear a racing type helmet with a Snell rating of SA2000 or newer. All drivers must wear an approved driving suit, shoes and gloves. A single layer fire suit is the minimum permitted.

A standard fire extinguisher mounted in the driver’s compartment is mandatory and must be easily accessible to the driver.

Communication devices- No communication allowed with the driver.   The driver shall have NO communication devices of any type.

Rigid Mini Cup Cars are eligible to run with the same rules as Suspended Mini Cup Cars with a 100 lb. weight break.

-Engine rules-  Anything not listed means STOCK.

All OHV GX390 Honda components from approved engines must be original OEM items in their stock state unless otherwise specified.  GX390 small ports and large ports are allowed. No porting, blasting or no modification of any kind on head ports.  Carburetor no go from air horn is .832. Carburetor no go from port side is 1.0635.  Throttle shaft min. is .148.  Butterfly min is .0375 and butterfly screw min is .252.  Choke butterfly and shaft may be removed and holes filled in with silicon.  Carburetor must remain in stock form. May be compared to a stock Honda carb for inspection.  No air filter extensions.  Jet size main .043 max low speed jet no tech on size but must look stock  Single valve springs .795 max inside diameter.  Max wire size is .115. Max spring length is 1.605  Rocker arms are Honda OEM round style only. No flat rockers allowed.  Billit rod stock length.  Flywheel minimum 10 pound.  Only track fuel is permitted. Cam may lift 277 off push rod.  240 max lift at 50 degrees.

-Body- All cars must have floor pans.  All bodies must be styled to resemble a traditional stock car/truck racing body.  No open wheel bodies.  Both windows must have nets. Side view mirrors cannot extend beyond the widest part of the car body.

You may reserve your car number for a fee of $10 each.  Numbers must be legible and at least twelve (12) inches high, located on both sides of the car.

-Chassis-   A car, in race-condition with driver, must weigh 740 lbs. Ballast must be painted white and must be marked with the car’s number.  If the ballast is lost during the event, that competitor will be disqualified from that event and no points or payout will be awarded.  The ignition shut-off switch must be labeled to show on and off.  Switches must be installed on the left side of the steering column.

Battery must remain in its stock location just ahead of the left rear tire.

-Suspension- A combination of 4 shocks non adjustable.  One shock, one spring per corner.

-The track- No treaded tires. Slicks only.  Tires must test 50 or above on Durometer when coming off the track.  6 inch wide wheels only.

Must use track gas only. Fuel will be tested.

*Rules may be updated at discretion of track.

Brunswick Speedway -  6 /2021